Image taken from The Legacy, written and directed by Mike Doto.

Image taken from The Legacy, written and directed by Mike Doto.

LOUIS JOHN IACOVIELLO is the youngest of two sons born to Helene C. Iacoviello and Louis S. Iacoviello. He was born in Staten Island NY, home to Wu Tang Clan and the scenic Fresh Kills landfill. His family relocated to sunny New Smyrna Beach Florida, where he attended and graduated High School at New Smyrna Beach Senior High.

Louis started acting at a fairly young age. He began performing comedy improv at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando FL (of Wayne Brady fame) back in 1996, and has performed both improv and sketch in such Los Angeles locations as Improv Olympic, Second City and The Knitting Factory.

His acting credits include many independent films and network television shows, with appearances on NCIS, CSI Miami, ER, Heroes and Hannah Montana. He was also at Cannes in 2010, starring in the film The Legacy by writer/director Mike Doto, which won Best Comic Related Film at Comic Con. More recently, he played the role of Duke opposite William Mapother in the film Its Dark Here. Louis is also an accomplished character voice actor, being a regular on the hit show Tvoovies for Starz Digital Media.

As a writer and a filmmaker, Louis was a co-producer on the film Raze, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and was acquired by IFC Midnight for distribution. He was also a co-producer on the feature film Night Of The Alien in 2011, and has several other projects in various stages of development. He wrote and directed a project called Whoops! for Vin di Bona Productions, a sizzle for the Mattel toy Singamajig’s and the 17 Points To Longevity in Show Business book companion DVD for world renowned vocal coach Stephanie Spruill.

His short films and sketch comedy have been featured on the front pages of YouTube and Funny or Die, and he won the Upload Showdown on Comedy Central’s His work has been on Comedy Central, Attack of the Show, Just for Laughs TV and Revverlive. He took second place at the Jersey Shore Film Festival in 2010 with the film Ronnie Gold’s Fight Team, and has been a finalist in several other film festivals including the SoCal Film Market Fest, LA Comedy Shorts Festival, The Chicago Shorts Festival, Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and the YouTube-Fox Searchlight Project Direct Contest.

Other notable credits include editor on The Grand Ole Opry Stars of the Fifties Video Collection infomercial, producer of a music video for Rainfall by A Flock of Seagulls, and he was once the host of the Ms. Wheelchair USA Pageant in Orlando FL.

More Valuable Information...

The name Louis comes from the Germanic name Hludwig which means “famous warrior” or “glorious on the battlefield.” Louis was also the name of 18 Kings in France.

John is derived from the Hebrew name (Yochanan) meaning “YAHWEH is gracious.”

Iacoviello is derived from the Hebrew “Yaaquob” meaning “God has protected.”
Lou means toilet in England, as John does in America.

Louis’ father was a fireman for the FDNY, before it was cool.

Louis’ mother was a stay at home mom, before it was passé.

The Fresh Kills landfill was officially closed in 1995 and was turned into Freshkills Park, a place for families and children to explore. At 2,200 acres, it is almost three times the size of Cenral Park, and one of only two man made structures visible from space.

Florida has the highest population of elderly in the nation at nearly nineteen percent.